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Lead Follow-Up

How much time do your sales reps spend following up on initial sales inquiries? How often does it not result in a non-revenue generating call? Let Turtle Peak handle this high volume of inquiries and qualify those that are truly a prospective sale, set the appointment and pass them on to your reps so they can generate more revenue.

Revenue Generation

We get that sales are what keep your doors open. That’s why we train our representatives to be incredibly effective salespeople. From effortlessly upselling inbound customers, to proactively cross-selling all of your services and products, for every $1 you spend on Turtle Peak you can expect to make at least $3 back. That’s why so many people view working with Turtle Peak as a no-brainer.

Live Sales Recovery: Abandoned Carts

How does your company handle potential customers who visit your site, but never actually check out? Some companies passively send follow-up emails, enticing them with special deals if they come back and buy something?
Our Sales Teams call every one of these customers within 15 minutes, while the product is still fresh on their mind. We skillfully figure out why they hesitated in the first place, then overcome these objections and concerns to ensure the sale is placed. The best part…we do it for FREE! You don’t pay us anything unless the sale goes through!
An added bonus is that when we do process the sale for you, most of the time it is at a higher AOV than your company’s typical online sale! We have a proven track record of success. You have nothing to lose and revenue to gain!

Live Sales Recovery: Online Declines

How does your company handle online transaction declines? Our Sales Team will proactively call every one of these declines within 5 minutes, and expertly figure out why their card declined. We know everything there is to know about why these declines happen and can get these sales to go through over 50 percent of the time!
We truly are relentless. We strategically engage with your customers and do whatever it takes to get in touch with them. Once we have them on the line, they thank us for securing their sale. Many of them turn into repeat customers! On average, our refund percent is typically more than 5% lower than your standard online sales. It’s a win/win for you!

Customer Conversion Team Upsell / Cross Sell


Everyone in the industry wants to know how they can increase their Average Order Value (AOV) and increase upsells? We have the solution!

Our dedicated Conversion Teams call all completed orders a day after the online order was placed. We call to confirm their address and order details. By building trust and rapport, we can leverage the conversation, asking specific questions to get a better understanding of their current situation.

Armed with knowledge of their needs, and your products, we are able to recommend adding on a variety of upsells in bundle packages to enhance what they originally ordered.  Our conversion rates on these are between 30% to 40%, translating to a net increase in online sales of 12.8%!!!  It makes the customers feel great about their order and increases the order value…and the best part  is you don’t pay if we don’t sell!! It’s the ultimate win/win scenario for you!

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