Business Process Outsourcing

Virtual Assistant

Whether a Salesperson, a department executive, a doctor, or other professional, trying to tackle administrative can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. It’s also not the highest and best use of your time.  At Turtle Peak we will handle the necessary tasks of appointment setting, applicant screening, prospect qualification, online research, customer follow-up and countless other tasks so you can get back to focusing more on what truly matters and where you add the greatest value.

Order Management

Because Turtle Peak got its start as an in-house customer service team, we understand the supply chain better than anyone. We can help to track and manage every step of the fulfillment cycle, monitor inventory levels, and proactively alert both your business and your customers when issues arise.

Chargeback Refund Mitigation

At Turtle Peak, we believe that most refunds and chargebacks are a result of misunderstandings. Our representatives create instant trust and rapport with your customers, which mitigates chargebacks and refunds immediately. Additionally, we are experts in helping your company to “save the sale.”

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