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Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, as it is more commonly called, is when a company chooses to hire a 3rd party to perform services for them that they could otherwise do for themselves.  Some common examples would include Finance & Accounting (FAO), Recruiting (RPO, Human Resources (HRO), Claims Processing, Healthcare Enrollment, Physician Credentialing, and Logistics.

 A Call Center, as the name implies, is a service for handling phone calls from customer.  A contact center handles all forms of communication, both written and voice.  Examples include email, text/SMS, snail mail, chat, fax, and phone.

 Customer Service is the process of helping customers with their inquiries and complaints.  Customer Experience is a broader term that encompasses a customer’s perceived value of interacting with a company via Customer Service, Billing, the company website, advertising, sales, and all other touchpoints with a customer.  Their “experience” could be formed by a single interaction or a cumulative series of interactions.

Turtle Peak provides 100% of its services from the United States.  Founded and headquartered in Las Vegas, the company enjoys access to one of the most internationally diverse worker populations in the world.  This demographic enables the company to meet the most common language needs of its customers with the local talent pool.  But with more than 80% of the company working remotely, the company is able to access language talent most anywhere to meet a customer’s needs.

Turtle Peak does not make nor endorse any specific CRM technology.  Whether our client has a home grown or Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) CRM platform, we adapt our services to their technology environment.   Our agents login into our client’s CRM just as their own employees would each day.  This enables Turtle Peak to skip the time consuming and laborious process of systems integration and shortens our time to impact for our clients.

Because we are logging into our client’s systems, all your data stays with our clients.  When we get data about customers, our agents enter that data directly into our client’s systems, in real time.

Turtle Peak, working as an extension of our clients, enters all data into our client’s systems for them to store in accordance with their data storage, privacy and business continuity planning policies and practices.  Turtle Peak does not retain any customer information.

Turtle Peak prides itself on providing a superior customer experience.  Because the company does not compete in the market for low cost “butts in seats”, clients have taken to using Turtle Peak to handle their best customers.  Our agents have exceptional customer service skills and often become regarded as subject matter experts on our client’s products and services.  By delivering customer service from the US, the company eliminates the latency that sometimes occurs with overseas calls, reducing frustration for the customer.  It also enables our agents to build trust and rapport faster.  We have invested in providing a premium service because we know that happy customers will be more loyal and buy more from your company.

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