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Product Support

Providing world-class customer care after the sale is a leading factor in a consumer’s impression of your brand and directly drives brand loyalty. Our product support specialists will combine high-tech with high-touch to help address your customer’s wide-ranging needs regarding your product. At Turtle Peak, we ditch the scripts and actually listen to your customer’s questions, because we know happy customers buy more.

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation is one of the most cherished parts of how we grow our own reputation. Not everyone is going to love your products, but studies have shown that people are 2x more likely to purchase your product if they see you responded to negative reviews. We have the sensitivity and grace to take these off your hands and convert them into a real opportunity for growth.

Dedicated Customer Support

When you work with Turtle Peak, you get dedicated representatives who are passionate about your business. Your customers will be blown-away by the level of knowledge, expertise, and ownership that our representatives possess. In turn, this will lead to higher order values, fewer refunds, and a stronger brand.

Personalized Email Support

We have a dedicated team of brand experts whose sole job is to reply to your customer emails. This means faster response times, and happier customers. In fact, Turtle Peak strives for an email response time to all of your customers of 24 Hours or Less, including on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Live Chat Support

Our live chat software offers real-time support to your customers when they need it most. We have the method, technology, and training to turn a simple instant message into lasting sales and a visitor satisfaction tool.

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