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The client is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) online retailer that exclusively sells its products online. The company’s chosen online marketing channels are YouTube and Facebook. The client must buy ad traffic on these sites to drive traffic to their website to generate sales. The company ran heavy ad traffic from Dec ’20 through October ’20 which yielded an average of $2.5M – $5.1M per month in total sales. Prior to engaging Turtle Peak, the Average Order Value (AOV) was $170.00, with a transaction volume of 500 – 1000 sales per day.


The Turtle Peak Sales Recovery Team was engaged to rescue abandoned carts and card declines.

Utilizing our targeted hiring profile to identify potential candidates that could meet the high standard for a
Sales Recovery Agent, we started with a 5-person pilot. This enabled us to refine our approach to mirror
the culture of the client company and become deeply immersed in the attributes of the products offered.

Once processes were running smoothly and effectively, we began to scale the team to meet the demand.

As the months progress, we continue to refine our approach, which saw a doubling of daily sales from
month six through month twelve


During the first six months, the Turtle Peak Sales Recovery team averaged $300K – $500K in additional
sales, per month, for the client. Additionally, when the Turtle Peak Sales Recovery Team was engaged,
they were able to increase the AOV to $205, an increase of more than 20% over the AOV of an
unassisted online transaction

The client opted to transition ad buys to a different product and stopped running ads for the supplement
supported by Turtle Peak, essentially ending all online sales for the product as of November 1, 2021.
Consequently, online orders dropped significantly to less than $1,000/month in new online sales (sales
only coming from repeat customers returning to the site to reorder)

As a result of the relationships the Turtle Peak Sales Recovery
agents made utilizing our proprietary consultative sales approach,
many returning customers would only purchase directly through
Turtle Peak Sales Recovery agents when re-ordering. Since
November 2021, with no further online advertising, Turtle Peak
Sales Recovery agents have averaged more than $60,000/month in
gross sales on this product, from repeat customers that now
purchase exclusively from a Turtle Peak Sales Recovery Agent. The
client’s only direct cost of sales now are Turtle Peak commissions
and standard fulfillment costs. As the client stated, “My relationship
with Turtle Peak is like getting free money. I wish I did this sooner

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