2 ND JAN 2018

Good customer service is a very important part of your business. It’s easier to keep current customers coming back than having to find new ones. In fact, a loyal customer is actually worth about 10 times more than what they first bought.

Are you wondering about the best way to handle your customer service department? Have you ever considered outsourcing it?

That might feel like the lazy way to do things. But did you know that even many Fortune 500 companies outsource customer service? They find that it makes the most sense for their business.

When employees don’t have to worry about customer service, they can focus more on your primary business goals.

So how do you know if outsourcing customer service is right for you? Let’s give you some things to think about. Then you can decide the right route for you.


One of the primary reasons to outsource customer service is to save money. Of course, businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs.

Think about it. An in-house customer service department can get pricey very fast.

You have to hire dedicated staff which makes your payroll costs go up. Plus, you have to maintain an office space for them. More office space means more costs for utilities, rent, Internet bandwidth, and more.

All of those extra expenses add up to quite a bit. That makes outsourcing a more attractive and less expensive option.

With outsourcing, you don’t have to recruit and train new staff. Nor do you have to pay for staffers to be on call 24/7. But you can offer 24/7 service and only pay when a customer calls.

All in all, it’s a pretty attractive option for the pocketbook.


Outsourcing customer service also frees up your staff’s time. That way they can focus more on your main business goals.

Sometimes in smaller businesses customer service becomes a part of the job. That means when your employees are working with a customer they can’t be doing their primary job.

Outsourcing ensures that your customers get the right treatment. Plus, you don’t have to pull your employees from their regular work to make it happen.

After all, treating your existing customers well is important. But it is also important to meet your business goals. That is how you grow as a business.


In some businesses, there is a particular time of the year when customer service is more needed. Outsourcing gives you the ability to scale up your customer service department. It’s a great way to have extra staff on hand, but only when you need it.

You don’t have to maintain a large department during the times of the year when it is not necessary. And you don’t have to pull employees from their regular tasks to fill in.

The outsourcing company takes care of all that for you. Somebody is always available to take your customer’s call. It doesn’t matter how many customers are calling in at the same time.

This is just one more reason to outsource customer service.


These days customers expect a pretty quick response time when they call in to a company. Few people have the time or patience to sit on hold for more than a couple of minutes.

Outsourcing ensures that you keep your response times nice and short. Dedicated customer service agents are ready and waiting to take your customer’s calls.

This will help keep an upset customer from getting even more frustrated waiting on the phone. That elevator music is not as soothing as people think it is.

You may think you have an adequate number of dedicated customer service representatives. But they will all inevitably be busy and the customer will have to wait. Outsourcing takes care of that problem quite nicely.


When you outsource customer service, you can expect superior service. Your customers will interact with agents who have extensive customer service experience.

A great outsourcing company trains their agents to handle whatever happens. Upset customers can be tricky to deal with.

A trained, experienced agent can turn things around well. And, of course, always with consummate professionalism.

Plus, they will work with any relevant social tools to satisfy your customers. You can expect the best solutions for your needs to come from outsourcing.

You may think that hiring your own customer service agents would better serve your end game. After all, an in-house agent will better understand your company and its brand. They will be able to answer questions better and represent your brand the way you want.

While that makes logical sense, it isn’t totally true. A good outsourcing service will train their agents in how you want to present your brand.

Add that to their already well-honed customer service skills. That’s a rock-solid combination that can only help your business grow.


A great outsourcing company will keep you in the loop about important details. Regular reports help you understand what is happening with your customers.

Listen to what’s happening on your social media channels. It helps you to understand a lot.

Keep yourself in the loop about customer complaints and expectations. You can learn a lot of helpful information that you can use to grow your business.

An outsourcing company is an efficient and effective way to gather this information. You don’t have to do it yourself (or pay an employee to do it). The data analysis report they provide will give you everything you need to work with.


Have we convinced you? Are you ready to outsource customer service? Or at least consider it?

If you still have questions about how it works, feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss our services with you.

Talk with one of our agents and see for yourself the type of customer service that we offer. After all, customer service is our main game. It should be impeccable.