22 ND MAY 2019

Turtle Peak is proud to introduce Mark Nagle as our Chief Operating Officer. We firmly believe that Mark’s leadership, professionalism, and vision will allow our team, and yours, to grow and compete in new, exciting ways.

In addition to his extensive experience in the industry, Mark’s career is highlighted by his ability to lead while establishing a culture of efficiency and excellence.

Mark first spent 8 years with Bank of America, spearheading call center teams in customer service, consumer lending, and risk management. He then went on to create Expedia’s first dedicated call center for Las Vegas entertainment and activity sales.

Mark expanded beyond call centers to other industries where he worked for CBRE, Las Vegas’ oldest full-service commercial real estate firm, overseeing a team of close to 100 personnel and grossing $20M in revenue annually. More recently, he has worked with MarMon Resources and private equity firm Capitol Hill Group. While leading their venture capital transportation investment portfolio, he increased profit margins and reduced operating costs for progressive yearly revenue increases.

Mark is so much more than his resumé. He has the innate ability to stand in front of his team and inspire them. Mark’s expertise and business acumen allow the rest of our team to own our specific roles and empower ourselves and our clients.

We cannot wait to see what else your futures holds.