11 TH JUL 2019

According to a recent survey, 82% of customers can leave a company due to poor customer service. Poor customer service does not always arise from the sellers’ side. Sometimes, it happens due to the effects of demanding clients.

Regardless of the type of industry, you will have to deal with unpleasant customers every so often. You have probably been in the midst of that situation; trying to cool down unhappy clients.

Although some cases can be avoided, some cannot. For this reason, you must have some tricks to help you deal with such situations wherever they arise.  Check out these top tips on how to deal with difficult customers.

1. Understand your Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your capability for dealing with personal emotions will help you know how to deal with others. Don’t confront your client.  After all, they are just human like you.

Your client might have experienced a tough day. They might also be dealing with difficult emotions which are affecting their temperament. So, stay calm and try to understand them.

2. Assume Your Customers Are Watching

When one of your customers raises their voices or expresses their frustrations on you, assume that you have an audience watching you. What type of customer interaction would you like them to see in you?

This change in perception will give you an emotional buffer, in case the customer is violent. It will also help to provide a more thoughtful response.

Since most unruly customers can give negative referrals, address them in a calming way, regardless of their temperament.

3. Learn to Listen

Don’t find the nearest exit to throw out your difficult client. Instead, tune them up and listen. You will be surprised to find that the customer only wanted you to listen, acknowledge, and understand.

When listening, use facial expressions and body language to show that you are indeed listening. Sit or stand straight to show your attentiveness towards their speech. If possible, paraphrase or repeat some of the things you hear.

4. Exceed Their Expectations

Excellent service does not only distinguish you between your competitors, but your customers too. Your client may be upset because your first service or product didn’t work well.

If you change that and serve them well, they will walk away feeling satisfied. You will increase the chances of referrals.

5. Learn to Apologize

Learn to say sorry whenever you are dealing with a difficult customer.

If the client is complaining that you sold them shoddy goods, own your mistakes and let them know about it. A simple ‘sorry’ can change their anger and their perspective towards your services.

Understanding How to Deal with Difficult Customers

To be a successful trader, you must do more than just selling products or services to many people. Today, it’s the level of customer service that differentiates a business from its rivals.

A certain survey done by Click Fox shows that 60% of people consider the company’s customer service reputation when deciding whether to buy a product or not. So, observe the above-discussed tips on how to deal with difficult clients to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

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