16 TH JAN 2018

Every business must balance customer service and sales. But what if they could be one and the same?

Good customer service helps your business stand out. It also helps build customer loyalty.

In fact, there are many exciting ways that customer service can increase profitability for your business.


Sales have traditionally been a numbers game. A better profit margin was just a matter of selling as many units as possible.

However, modern customers want to have a deeper relationship with businesses. This is especially true of younger customers such as Millennials.

The key to better customer relationships is better customer service. Read on to discover the different ways you can turn great customer service into a better bottom line.


Every customer knows how frustrating calling a company can be. This is especially true if they must be transferred to multiple departments and workers.

Dedicated customer service can provide consistency for the customer. This means fewer transfers and quicker resolution of problems.

Customer service can also use different remote access applications to provide seamless technical support. This establishes your business as one that cares about customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are much likelier to return to do more business. This helps build your brand and grow your profits.


Customer service can be problematic when you have a major problem. You may end up with hundreds or even thousands of customers calling to report the same bugs and issues.

The customers calling in are not the only issue. Even the ones who do not call are going to be frustrated if there is a disruption to your site or to their services.

Good customer support stays on top of these problems as they develop and immediately notifies customers via email that you are working on the problem. There should also be follow-up messages about your progress and when the issue is resolved.

This reduces how many customers contact you while reassuring customers that you care about the quality of their experience with you. In this way, you can turn a problem into a way to increase profitability by further building customer relationships.


Good customer service relies on technology. But you should make sure any technology you use works with a variety of operating systems and smartphones.

On one hand, you can count on most of your customers having internet access. On the other hand, they will access the internet in many different ways through many different systems.

Whether you are providing customer training or links to your database, make sure it works for all customers. Dedicating yourself to diverse customer service solutions ensures that you help as many customers as possible.


Most customers know how easy it is for companies to lose their private data. Many of them have had to replace debit or credit cards for this reason.

Once a company has lost a customer’s data, they run a major risk of losing that customer. The trust that serves as the foundation of the business/customer relationship is lost entirely.

This is why your customer service should use encrypted communication for any personal information customers provide. Software can provide remote access that keeps all of the info about a customer in a single, secure place.

This reduces the need to exchange emails or download data from multiple sources. Doing so not only saves everybody time but reduces the opportunities for such data to become lost.

As your customers see other companies losing personal data left and right, they will think about who they can trust. Establishing yourself as being trustworthy will increase profitability by creating lifelong loyalty among customers.


The reason that many customers hate calling for support is that they fear waiting a long time. Lengthy hold times and multiple transfers can easily ruin their entire day.

Worst of all, the wait may stretch across days. Even when the customer finds someone who understands the issue, it may take time to fully resolve everything.

You should revise your customer service experience from the ground up with a mind to saving as much time as possible. Add things like voice interaction and automatic distribution to your phone lines.

Be sure to immediately update your knowledge database with any new solutions you develop to problems. This lets customer service immediately fix the issue if it occurs with another customer.

Finally, add customer satisfaction surveys to the end of every call or web interaction. Study these analytics every month to make sure their satisfaction is improving. And take customer suggestions to heart when making future service adjustments.


It’s obviously important to save time for customers. However, good service will also save time and increase productivity for your employees as well.

Solving all of a customer’s issues when they first make contact helps reduce the chance they will make multiple calls. And using technology such as new CRM to gather customer information in a central location reduces the time it takes to look things up.

A dedicated customer service team also reduces the stress of other employees. This lets them concentrate on their own tasks and helps increase profitability and productivity.

Finally, a dedicated customer support team reduces the overhead that comes from providing miniature training sessions to other employees. In the long run, this can save you money while building your brand and increasing customer loyalty.


Adding a dedicated customer service team to your business is one of the best moves you can make. However, you may not have the space or enough employees for an in-house team.

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