18 TH OCT 2019

Are you looking for things that are holding your business back from providing the best customer service?

Sixty-two percent of people report that they have contacted customer service at least once in the past month.

The fact that an average of more than six out of 10 people is speaking to customer service means that this can have important consequences for your business.

One of the ways you can improve customer service at your business is learning how you may be falling short in that department right now.

Read on to learn five mistakes that keep you providing champion customer service!

1. Being Slow To Respond

In today’s competitive business environment, your company’s reputation is crucial to your success.

One of the ways to protect your reputation is to address a customer’s concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

But what’s a ‘quick and efficient manner’?

That depends on the nature of the complaint and how it is received. For example, if your customer speaks to you face-to-face about an issue, it should be resolved right away.

But if you receive an email about a problem, you may need to spend some time investigating it before you respond.

If you are notified via email, you should respond to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours.

2. Failing To Provide Timely Solutions

An important aspect of customer service if providing timely solutions to solve a customer’s problems.

When you aren’t giving a customer timely information and proposing workable solutions, you are falling short of giving a customer the service he or she deserves.

It’s important that you spend time considering a customer’s needs and how you can best address their issue(s). Once you determine the best course of action, act fast and give them what they need.

Your company should always strive to do the right thing so that a customer’s needs are fulfilled to the best of your ability.

3. Writing Poorly

When you are penning a written response to a customer’s concerns, it’s crucial that you use proper grammar and deliver your message in a way that they can understand.

One way you will disappoint a customer is by using improper grammar or writing your message in a sloppy manner. When you write to your customer you need to have a professional tone that is respectful and deserving of their attention.

By taking time to think before you write, you will present your business in a more professional light and one deserving of your customer’s respect.

4. Not Being Genuine

Professional tones aren’t the only important ingredient of written correspondence to a customer.

Whether you are writing to your customer or speaking to them in person, you must be genuine to deliver your message in the most effective way.

Being genuine shows a customer that you care about them and value their business. When you are not genuine, a customer may second-guess your motives and be less trusting of your company.

5. Not Studying Data

You can improve your customer service by collecting and studying the data your customers send to you.

Data can come from asking your customers to complete a survey after purchase or simply the notes you take after an interaction with them.

If you fail to study the data you collect, you are overlooking important information that will help you get an inside look into how your customers think!

Wrapping Up: Provide Champion Customer Service

Providing champion customer service is a great way for you to stand out from your competition.

But accomplishing champion level service requires you to take an honest look at your business and how it operates each day.

By taking the time to consider your customer base and how you can serve them in a more meaningful way, you can improve your customer service.

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