Have you ever had to deal with Comcast’s customer service agents? If not, then you’re one of the lucky few.

Comcast is notorious for bad customer service. That’s the last thing you want your business to get associated with. Instead, you want your customers to feel appreciated and heard.

So, how do you create retail customer service strategies that make your customers feel valued? Read on to find out.

1. Ditch the Automated Representatives

For English, please press one.

Sound familiar? It seems like every time you reach out to a business these days, that’s the first thing you hear.

Sure, automation has its perks. But, it doesn’t always make for a great customer service experience for your clients.

When a customer reaches out to your business, they often want to talk to a human — not a robot. Consider ditching the automated representative as your customer’s first point of contact.

You can still use automated reps, but use them for payments and simple tasks. Not for greeting your customers.

2. Maintain an Online Presence

What better way to connect to your customers than meeting them where they are? For 2020 and beyond, that means maintaining an online presence.

Don’t create a profile and expect to get results. You’ll have to work for it by making posts and commenting on other’s posts.

3. Respond to the Haters

Haters gonna hate. But, don’t let their negative online reviews harm your business.

About one out of three customers decide not to buy after reading a negative review. Curve those haters by laying out the facts (or providing a solution) in a tailored response.

4. Teach Empathy in the Office

What makes human representatives preferable to robot ones? It’s a human’s ability to empathize with the customer and their situation. A robot, no matter how smart, can’t provide empathy.

To differentiate your customer service from other company’s, teach empathy in the office.

This skill is invaluable when customers have problems that can’t get solved immediately. It also helps when a customer calls in frustrated over a situation.

Use empathy to deescalate the situation. Then, use empathy to explain your company’s perspective and potential solutions.

5. Personalize Your Approach

The statistics are in — personalization is what the people want!

About 48% of customers have declined a product or service due to a lack of personalization.

Improve customer service by personalizing your approach. How do you make a personalized experience? You’ll need to analyze your business’s existing data. Not studying this data is one mistake that prevents successful customer service.

Start Crushing Your Retail Customer Service Goals

As 2020 approaches, it’s time to refine your retail customer service strategies. Bring in the New Year equipped with an effective plan to crush your goals.

Are you still struggling to get these strategies to work for your business? Do you need help analyzing and understanding your customer data? Reach out to the Turtle Peak experts now by filling out our contact form.

Together, we’ll come up with a plan to boost customer satisfaction and profits.