25 TH JUL 2019

Customer service is the core pillar of most businesses. 92 percent of consumers say that they will stop buying from a company that has poor customer service.

Good service encourages customers to come back. It also attracts new customers as you build a reputation of being friendly.

However, good customer service doesn’t happen without effort. The following customer service training ideas are all innovative and effective ways to improve customer satisfaction.

5 Customer Service Training Ideas

The best way to train your staff is to show, not tell, them how to act. If they’re able to see other staff members interacting well with customers, it’s much easier for them to replicate that behavior. Always focus on real life examples and activities.

Share Examples

One of the best ways to teach staff about good and bad interactions is to have them share past experiences. Getting people in small groups to talk about the good interactions they’ve had – and those that didn’t go so well – can help people hear what works and what doesn’t. This is also an effective way to encourage team-building, as people are able to relate to their shared experiences.


Having staff members pretend to be customers is an effective way to give new or struggling team members hands on experience. This is especially true if you role play difficult customers, as it gives a low-stakes environment for team members to deal with hard situations and questions.

Set Standard Operating Procedures

A good way to ensure excellent customer service is to set up some standard greetings, sayings and topics to cover. While you don’t want to structure every conversation the same way, giving staff clear instructions on what to do in certain situations can help. Having a standard training curriculum that lays out some basics for customer service can reap large benefits.

For instance, let them know that they are always able to call for help from management when facing a difficult customer. You should also have clear instructions on when a refund can and can’t be offered, for example. This can help prevent conflict between customers and staff.

Keep Staff Members Informed

One of the best ways to have good interactions with customers is to offer informed opinions. If your staff is familiar with all of the products that you offer, and their pros and cons, they can match your customers’ needs to products effectively.

This leaves customers more satisfied with their overall experience and purchase. It also means that they won’t feel pressured into buying something they don’t need – reducing refunds at the same time.

Keep Staff Involved

Make sure that you have staff members involved in their own training. Taking staff suggestions is a good way to constantly develop your customer service training.

Offer a way for team members to suggest changes anonymously. Even something as simple as a suggestion box can help your team members feel listened to, and can turn customer service training into a collaborative process – making it more likely that they will remember it.

Customer Service Training is Never Complete

Remember that customer service training is an on-going process. Even veteran employees can learn new techniques and strategies to manage customers and leave a positive impression.

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